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Rental rates vary with time of day, day of week, number of people, and type of event.

We will provide you with a written estimate for you event if you will send the information on the preliminary booking form below. This is an initial request for information only, and is not a confirmation for a booking.

Rental Estimate Request Form for Existing Annual Users only, at this time.

An online full application for Hall Rentals will be available when the Museum has the resources to employ the necessary staff to operate the hall on a full-time schedule, with many private rentals often go into early morning hours. Since January 2008 , rentals have been restricted to annual users only, since that level of rental is just able to be overseen by existing Museum staff.

The Hall needs to be operated by specially-trained museum staff due it it's status as an "artifact-room" and a national heritage award recipient. This means monitoring all times the Hall is rented including set-up, the event itself and clean-up, while maintaining other important museum programs such as the train tours which bring in the majority of the Museum's earned revenue - and which is also "new money" into the community, whereas rental income from the Hall is considered re-circulated existing money already into the community. Tours of the historic trains are also the primary museum mandate and therfore operate all year. '''

The Museum is not able to take out noraml business loans to hire new staff to expand the rental operation since it would be illegal to use the artifacts as collateral for the loan. However, the Museum does believe that within 3 to 4 years of full operations, the rentals could cover most, if not all, of the new permanent position needed to operate the Hall at full schedule. It is the interim exyra operations funding that is the problem.

The Broadwood Concert Grand Piano Use Booking Form

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