Deluxe New and Heritage Railway Accommodation
for your visit
The Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort adjacent to the Museum

The Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort & Convention Centre is conveniently located adjacent to the Museum for your visit.

This 4 1/2 star hotel offers superb accommodation and services for your visit and is located adjacent to the Museum.

The Museum is just a short 5-minute walk through "Van Horne Park", which is an 1998 Railway Centennial Legacy Project of the City.

The hotel opened in 1999 as a major "anchor" on one end of the Railway Museum Development Zone of the City of Cranbrook. The length of this "Zone" of land is about 1/2 mile (1 km) between the highway and the railway and adjacent to the downtown area.

It is a "railway-theme" design with substantial railway art, posters, and rooms named after historical railway people.

It has large convention facilities and is located next to the active tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but special acoustic design protects guests from any railway sounds. In fact, many people book rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors to see the railway activities. It is also designed for rail excursion trains to come in to the back with access directly to the lobby.

Full facilities include dining, lounge, coffee shop, shopping, spa and other amenities.

The Joe Huber Sr. railcar (former 1921 CPR sleeping car Naughton)

This old formerly derelict car has been rebuilt to modern standards and contains two luxurious rooms for guests at the hotel. Ask at the hotel reservation desk about these two stunning modern suites in this car.

The Prestige chain of Hotels

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The CPR House B & B (1900) the former railway superintendent's house in historic Baker Hill in Cranbrook. This building was restored and renovated in 2000-2007.

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