6) Museum Personnel

  • Office Manager - Supervisor, gift shop, office functions, accounting - Brian Dees

  • Senior tour guide -Assistant Supervisor, memberships - Cheryl Dees

  • Archivist (part-time) - Registration of documents only is done by the Assistant Supervisor as time permits. This position does not provide public service in the archives due to other museum operational requirements.
    • Archives consultant: Michelle Barocca, as required to oversee the development of this resource.

  • Maintenance and Restoration Services - (vacant until funds in place)

  • Marketing - (vacant until funds in place)

  • Executive Director (Chief Executive Officer) - overall Administation, Curatorial & Interpretive Design) - Garry W. Anderson C.M.

Board of Directors

  • Comprised of 12 elected individuals representing a variety of ages, backgrounds and interests. Officers include Chair ("Chief Public Officer") Vice-Chair, and Treasurer, plus various committees..

  • Ask for a current list of the Board of Directors, of which half are up for election in late February of each year at the Annual General Meeting.